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British men with glasses appreciation post 



I was very involved in the costume and the look. I was very specific about it. I said the sleeve should be very tight and there should be a lot of buttons.

The gesture he did when he said “buttoned in”. Awww, the style, the swag…




This barber and Sweeney Todd should have a competition.

Omg, yes!

Norman Reeduslizfu:

Norman Reedus: Living the fangirl dream.



One of Daniel’s first awards 

Wow…I’d like to obviously thank the Variety Club for this honor. Also I’d like to thank everybody at Warner Brothers for their guidance and support over the past year, JK Rowling for writing these amazing books in the first place, all the cast, all the crew, and especially my friends Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Thank you very much again!


Since Dan forgot to thank Alan Rickman:

“See me later, Potter!”

Great minds think alike eh, alanrickmandaily?